Elijah Manley selects Peyton Williams as VP as expected

Elijah Manley selects Peyton Williams as his Vice-Presidential running mate for the 2016 presidential election. With the Green Party's National Convention right around the corner, this is a bold statement. Here's how.

Peyton Williams, a member of the green party who is interested in running for President in 2036 is on the ticket. What sets him apart from the others? Not only is he a bisexual German-American who speaks eight languages, and has lived outside of the U.S., but it is his knowledge and in depth progressive values that really sets him apart.

Williams, 16, is almost perfectly aligned with Manley ideologically. From climate change, to youth rights, to foreign policy, to domestic policy, healthcare, education reform, etc, etc, etc. You kinda get the idea. The running mate is probably the best choice for Manley. Elijah struggled to find a running mate to balance his ticket. Some saw this step as crazy, being that Elijah and Peyton are both brown. Some critics preferred a balanced ticket; balanced also meaning-- gender balanced. Manley went under fire a month ago for not vetting any females for Vice President. He was painted as sexist, and anti-women. Of course we know that not to be true-- being that Adora Svitak, a self-identified female, was one of Elijah Manley's first choices for Vice Presidential vetting. Svitak was Manley's favorite. However she turned the offer down.

One thing we can all agree on is that we have a kick ass ticket! There was so much talent in the vetting process. One being Chad Leo, who Elijah invited to serve as Director of Operations for the campaign. The ticket is here, and it is what it is. Both candidates are ready to go to the Green Party's National Convention and set it on fire in August! As regarding a decisionto run in the general election-- not known yet. This campaign is already in general election mode. Elijah is the third candidate to select a Vice Presidential running mate in the top four political parties in the country, and the top 10. No major party candidates, nor Jill Stein has yet. More to come. In the meantime, SHOOOP!

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  • commented 2016-07-13 17:13:49 -0400
    Well Mr. Catman, I hope that attitude about us will change. We’re all for progressive values and principles. I am very familiar with Jill Stein and where she stands, and we’ve had very great conversations. However, this campaign is nothing but serious. What we’re trying to accomplish is something radical that has never been tried before. That includes young people’s voice in the political system, because these same issues we’re debating today will impact our lives when we get older. We will have to deal with these issues. I hope you can understand, and we’re willing to work with you and answer all of your questions.
  • commented 2016-07-12 19:40:57 -0400
    Joe Biden was the only 29 year old elected to the US Senate and he legally took office after his 30th birthday a month after the election, that is the law the President swears to preserve protect and defend, running for President is not a joke or street theatre, we need LIVING WAGES AND GREEN JOBS to replace the endless polluter oil war criminals profiteering www.jill2016.com
  • commented 2016-07-12 19:37:49 -0400
    it is completely irrational to nominate a child for Vice President, the law requires s/he be 35 and be born an American Citizen
  • followed this page 2016-07-12 19:37:38 -0400

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