Recording artist Reggie Sears to serve as campaign's Digital Communications Director

Award Winning recording artist, pop star, member of mixed royalty, and proud supporter of Elijah Manley is taking a more official role in the presidential campaign.

Just about four or so months ago, Reggie sears endorsed Elijah Manley for President. The artist who is a close friend with the candidate, and a big part of our campaign told us why he endorsed Elijah in this DailyKos article: "He’s making a statement— government is getting bigger, but solutions are getting smaller. I think that’s what separates him from the rest of them.” He's decided to become an even bigger part of Team Manley for America. To serve as Digital Communications and Special Outreach Director, bringing in a new host of team members to make the campaign even louder. Reggie hopes to do that by bringing in arts, music, and culture.



Arts and culture is a very important part of many people's lives, and the political system. It should be a very important part of this campaign as well. With Reggie Sears, we're hoping that he'd incorporate that into not only our policy, but our social media presence. He'll be starting in his new role following the initiation of the national convention.

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