Ohio Green Primary

The Ohio Green Party has announced that it will be holding its primary election on March 15th, 2016.

     COLUMBUS, Ohio-- It isn't news anymore. It is fact. The Green Party of Ohio will be holding their presidential primary election on March 15th, 2016. This is our opportunity to sweep delegates to the national convention. We have no delegates, and four states have already voted. If we want to be a serious contender in this election, we have to win Ohio. Next Tuesday, we have to sweep Ohio. If you're a green in Ohio, please take the time to help us #rejuvenate Ohio.


     Elijah has been fighting for green values for a long time. It is time for Elijah to be the representative of the only major party in the world, that is fighting for people's values. Ohio is such a great state. The Green Party of Ohio has stood up for so many green values, such as building a better environment, and promoting a better energy source. If the Green Party is serious about change, we have to nominate a candidate that is willing to fight. 


Please visit elijahmanley.com/ohio for more information.



Elijah Manley for Ohio

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