Manley endorses Sanders for Democratic Nomination over Clinton

Elijah Manley endorses Bernie Sanders for the Democratic Presidential Nomination in 2016.

FORT LAUDERDALE-- Today, Elijah Manley (I) presidential candidate from Florida endorses Senator Bernie Sanders (I) from Vermont for the Democratic Presidential Nomination in 2016. The endorsement comes two days before the  Republican Party Presidential Debate. Here's Mr. Manley's full statement:


"Today I am proud; proud of the service in which Mr. Sanders is giving the American people. Especially the American people from Vermont. Although I may not agree with him on everything, 95% of his platform is in accordance with my beliefs and he's a bombload better than Hillary Clinton. So, I would love to run against him and whichever republican clown in the General election. Hillary, just isn't something I am interested in. I hope the best for Mr. Sanders, and hope to see him in the General election on our campaign trails."

-Elijah Manley

He thinks it's essential to run against a progressive candidate to toughen him/her up, and why not Bernie Sanders? The beauty is, Mr. Manley gets to pick who he wants to run against in the general. Hopefully, the person he picks win the nomination. Mr. Starch from Ohio, an organizer for this campaign released a follow up statement this morning to our internal news source- "I honor the choices and decisions of Mr. Manley. I am willing to help ensure that his plan follow along perfectly in Ohio. I stand one hundred percent behind him and the American Youth."


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