Manley demands ageist & racist members of campaign board are removed

Two ageist, racist, and homophobic members are removed from Elijah Manley's campaign, board member says.

Within our own quarters, there have been much controversy over the two board members, an advisor and a Social Media Strategist who has been misbehaving on Manley's campaign. It all started on Facebook, when a representative of Manley's campaign board posted what was described as 'Anti-semitic, racist, and homophobic' language. The two members, who are active on Elijah Manley's facebook page oftenly, this website, and the campaign facebook account, and will remain anonymous, were recruited by Anthony Scahtz, the Manley Campaign's Social Media Director from California after the presidential announcement. "The misbehavior was reviewed by Elijah Manley three days ago, and we are currently looking for solutions to this problem", said Schatz. The campaign's news source asked Elijah Manley if he knew about this behavior ahead of time, he responded calmly. "Actually, no. You know, my campaign is already suffering financially. The last thing we need is infiltrators, hinders, and people causing us more trouble. We are taking the necessary steps to deal with this issue", Manley says. Schatz also states that Elijah hasn't been able to recruit a Campaign Manager, which is part of the reason why misbehavior is rampant in the campaign. A Manley representative states that it has just been 'too expensive' for the campaign, another problem here.


Elijah Manley did respond this morning, however. He ordered Schatz to relieve those members of their duties, and those seats are now vacant. 75% of the board is vacant. Schatz states that this will be resolved before August. Amongst the expensive slurs were racial slurs targeting black wemon, ageist slurs targeting Manley himself, homophobic slurs targeting Manley and the LGBTQ Nation's facebook page. "It is just ridiculous and very costly for us. This will never happen again.", says Anthony Schatz. As of Friday, those members are no longer on the campaign and their duties are vacant, along with three quarters of the board.

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