Chad Leo leaves vetting process, down to finalists

Chad Leo, a contender on the VP-shortlist is stepping down from the vetting process. Leo, 15, a Maryland student activist plans to help serve our campaign and fight for its mission in anyway possible.

The shortlist contender announced his intentions to leave our vetting process last night, immediately following Orlando vigils across the country. The hardest part of a campaign, especially one as broke as ours, is the selection of the running mate. That is because, we can't select all of the contenders to be on the ticket! It does make it easier when they are no longer interested in the spot. Selecting a running mate is the hardest thing for Elijah to do. Not just because there is so much talent available, but as well as the hard work that comes with it. Once a running mate is selected, it makes it very hard for the presidential candidate at the top of the ticket. That is because the running mate's views and beliefs must be added unto the platform, and that can be conflicting. The perfect example of that was in 2008-- when establishment republican nominee John Mccain had to compromise the beliefs of extremist Sarah Palin  into one platform, which in return was a disaster for them in November.

It is also about how well the ticket can get along. Not just that, but branding, fundraising, and growth. The most important one is fundraising. As stated in my last story, hyping, the campaign raised $781 in June so far, which will most likely be over $1k by June 30th. It is also worthy to state that fundraising is expected to increase fundamentally this fall, while Manley travels the country to attend independent fundraisers. Having a running mate that can appeal to small donors and young people could help tremendously. Having one that can't-- not so much. A financial disaster is the last thing the campaign wants to repeat. But the good news is-- the two finalists--Jesse Smith and Peyton Williams, both could offer the qualities needed for fundraising. Peyton Williams, a German/African-American who is also LGBT and progressive-- is the most ideologically aligned with Manley. Not only that, but he speaks eight languages, and has lived outside of the country for half of his life. The con-- the ticket would be completely brown, leaving it unappealing. However, Jesse Smith would solve that-- he's white, and centrist. Not too liberal, not too conservative. Libertarian. That is exactly what's needed-- a white liberal who would make the ticket appealing. There are two cons. First, he's a libertarian. Smith's views would not only come into conflict with Manley's, but potential independent voters who are looking to vote for anyone other than Trump vs. Clinton (bernie or busters, neverhillers, etc.) will probably be turned away by that. Last, he's a libertarian and fundraising. Progressive left-wingers will probably not feel comfortable donating to a campaign with two completely different types of people.

In the end run, somebody's going to be selected. It will most likely be the person who can travel and appeal to voters. Due to this being an all-male ticket (which is bad for a feminist candidate), the running mate MUST be someone who can relate to, or appeal female voters and their issues. Not just female voter issues, but disenfranchised female voter issues-- including those of Latin American/Hispanic heritage. I am leaving the campaign before July 7th; a new Social Media Director (or Dir. of Public Affairs/ whatever) will be writing these inter-campaign opinions, and they may be biased. Please remember this in the interim-- the running mate must be feminist/female friendly, and must be willing to scrap their own pockets. Finalists-- Smith, Williams.


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