Elijah Manley considers running independent campaign in general election

FORT LAUDERDALE-- Elijah Manley is reportedly considering an independent bid for The White House in the general election. Elijah is Currently running as a green. Manley is expected to suspend his campaign on August 7th, 2016, immediately following the Green Party's National Convention. He is also expected to endorse Jill Stein for President on August 9th, 2016. But according to staff in this campaign, Elijah Manley is considering an independent bid.

After raising $781 in one week, and an expected $1.5k increase in campaign funds and connected committee shares, the green presidential candidate is reconsidering suspending his campaign. My guess as to why he is reconsidering it has to do with electoral strategy. You see, the thing is right now, we have two major party presumptive nominees that are very unpopular and not trusted. Yes, that would be Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump, the business man that just made history-- is a bigot who promotes hate, and fear. He wants to build a wall on the border, and make Mexico pay it. He also wants to ban Muslims from this country, and deport 11 million immigrants. The other one-- Hillary Clinton, is a bought out corporate sell out, who lies about literally everything. Almost everything she stands for today, she once opposed.

Neither of the two can be trusted by the mass American people. Manley believes that the mass of voters would trust and vote for a 17-year old rather than the two major party presumptive nominees. The thing is, he's probably right! Not only did our friend Brady Olson, aka Deez Nuts poll at 9% among registered voters, but polls show that American voters would rather trust mickey mouse, and independent candidates. The idea of Elijah Manley, a 17-year old, next to two lying, FBI-suspected, corporate, crazies-- America may just become a bit more radical.


-Anthony Schatz

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