Elijah Manley is seeking the Green Party's nomination

Elijah Manley will seek the Green Party's nomination.

It's official! Elijah Manley will seek the Green Party's nomination. We are currently in need OF 100 signatures for recognition. Please visit the following link to show your support in helping Elijah get recognized! http://www.gp.org/2016_president_candidate_support

Elijah is seeking the Green Party's nomination, because he believes that the Green Party is a true, not-for-profit political organization, dedicated to expanding people's power. Elijah's platform is aligned to The Green Party's platform in many ways. He's running to empower young voters to vote green, and to succeed in anything that they do. Elijah, will serve the people as the nominee. As the nominee, he will fight the two-party duopoly and the corporate political establishment. 

"We must end the capitalist-imperialist-patriarchal-for-profit system we live in. It has got to go. We need a system that does not represent the wealthy campaign contributors; we need a system that isn't funded by a private bank with its own self-interest."-Elijah Manley


More information to be reported as soon as possible.

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