Abolition of the Federal Reserve Bank

Elijah believes in the abolition of the Federal Reserve Bnak


Elijah believes that Housing should be a human right.

Recording artist Reggie Sears to serve as campaign's Digital Communications Director

Award Winning recording artist, pop star, member of mixed royalty, and proud supporter of Elijah Manley is taking a more official role in the presidential campaign.

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Social Justice

We need to reform our law enforcement system, so that there is accountability to the people of the community, rather than internal investigations by cops. We also need government reform.

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Universal/Single Payer Healthcare

The human right to health guarantees a system of health protection for all. Everyone has the right to the health care they need, and to living conditions that enable us to be healthy, such as adequate food, housing, and a healthy environment. Elijah's plan would be to cut unnecessary government spending, from programs like defense and increase funding to operate healthcare systems. To pay for universal healthcare, Elijah would substantially increase taxes on the wealthy.

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Energy, Environmental & Ecological Justice

Elijah supports a 100% renewable energy system by 2020, and a ban on fracking. People and Planet before profit. Climate change is a serious threat to our national security, existence, living conditions, and the future generation.

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Youth Rights

The backbone and core of Elijah's Presidential campaign is Youth Rights and Youth Liberation. It all started here:

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Universal Tuition Free Education and the Abolition of Student Debt

Elijah Manley not only supports tuition free universal education, and abolishing student loan debt. If we can bail out the banks, we can bail out our people.

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Police Reform, because Black Lives Matter.

Our platform supports community review boards, opposed to police department's very own internal affairs review boards. We also support body cameras, increase in sanctions, and hiring from within the community.

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Protecting Same-Sex marriage

We must protect same sex marriage from the conservatives who want to take the right away.

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