This is Elijah. It all starts here.

Born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Elijah Manley (18yrs) is a youth activist, progressive voice, pioneer in the youth rights movement, and the most accomplished youth voice in the country. But that started somewhere.  Growing up in poverty for most of his life, Elijah was always told that he was too young to do anything. He has always had a burning desire to prove otherwise. He believes in a classless society that works for all of us, and not the bourgeoisie. A society that puts workers and disenfranchised people first. A victim of sexual assault at a young age, Elijah continued to move forward-- fighting for heavier sanctions for those who assault children. 

Elijah entered campaign politics by working for former Governor Charlie Crist's 2014 campaign for Governor of Florida. Starting out as a young fellow working in Crist's Sistrunk office, he proved himself to be capable of leadership. Manley had the opportunity several times to speak beside Charlie Crist and Vice President Joe Biden, where he twice delivered a fiery speech, in front of hundreds of people. He became a surrogate for Charlie Crist. His political career started there.

Elijah later got more involved in political campaigning, by helping local and congressional candidates get elected. Eventually, Elijah decided that he was more than just a campaign organizer. He decided he was something more. After spending time in Washington D.C. and meeting presidential candidates like Jill Stein, he announced that he would be running for President. He fought to get on the primary ballot in three states, and was expected to win one state-- making him the first person under 18 to win a state in a presidential primary election. Now, a leading brand, an author, and a barrier breaker, Elijah is set to start helping other young people accomplish their mission of defying age restrictions and breaking barriers.

Elijah is now serving on the Board of Directors for the National Youth Rights Association, serves as a member of Black Lives Matter Alliance of Broward, and is the Founder of the Antifascist Party (a new armed militia, started in Florida). Elijah believes that success in what we do isn't measured by our numbers, but our accomplishments. Ultimately, a classless, utopian society is where we must head.



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