Bernie Sanders sells out and endorses Hillary Clinton

Senator sanders just did what he's been saying he would all along-- endorsing Queen Corporate for President. Americans aren't going to fall for the lesser evil. Instead, they're going to side with the greater good. Read our statement:

Now that Sanders has done exactly what he said he would be doing from the onset -- endorsing the corporate-based opposition -- we need to pick up where Sanders left the revolution hanging. That means sticking to our anti-corporatist principles independently of Sanders. Do not give up, and do not start endorsing Hillary Clinton, because she is not the "lesser evil" but a path towards continuing the wars, attacks on the poor, and severe economic debt that has been plaguing the 99% for decades now.

The Democrats are not the answer to our problems, but are now an ingrained and established part of the problem's very source. We need to support progressive third parties that endorse pro-labor class policies and oppose the evils, inequality, and brutality that capitalism -- the system of and for the 1% -- has inflicted upon the rest of us. Our campaign enabled Elijah Manley to become the first "underage" presidential nominee in U.S. history for two states with the Greens. And we're just getting started! This accomplishment, and all that many progressives have accomplished in the last few years, none of it any thanks to the Clinton machine, prove that anything is possible if we work towards it in unity.

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