A year ago...Now we will observe these historic moments

A year ago today, Elijah Manley joined the Socialist Party's race. It's been great. Continue.

A year ago, on May 22nd, 2016, Elijah Manley joined the primary race for the Socialist Party USA's 2016 Presidential Nomination. On October 18th, 2015-- Mimi Soltysik of California became the nominee. We can only say, that the Socialist Party has a fabulous Presidential and Vice Presidential nominee. This day is historic for our campaign, and for the nation. We want to thank the Socialist Party USA for giving Elijah a voice, and hearing him through, regardless of age. They are what a real third party should be like. We wish the nominees the best.

I want to personally thank the party leadership, members, voters, and the candidates for their amazing love and welcoming. This race hasn't been easy for me due to the age factor, but I truly appreciate the party's principled treatment of all people, regardless of age.

-Elijah D. Manley


We're hoping that Elijah will run in the future, but more importantly- we're hoping that third parties will grow. Let's continue to shine. For the next month, we will observe the greatness of what it took the join the 2016 presidential campaign. Follow us on Facebook, twitter, and here for those moments. 

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